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The best wine cellar in the world
This wine cellar exclusively dedicated to aging the most elite vintages combines mastery of aging at all times and in all superlatives. It was designed by EUROCAVE to accompany the most iconic vintages to their firmament. Your Romanée Conti, Clos Vougeot, Hermitage, Château Margaux and other wonders will be as protected as they are on display. Each Royale copy is numbered. A unique cellar… Like you!
  • Constant temperature thanks to dual heat/cool control
  • Shock-absorbing feet and rubber foot trims that absorb polluting external vibrations.
  • Autonomous humidity control at 70% thanks to the patented Hygrocontrol System.
  • 99% UV filtration thanks to a full glass triple glazed door, combined with argon gas.
  • Perfectly controlled air quality thanks to a woven activated carbon filter (patented).
An extraordinary object, Royale is the ultimate wine cellar for connoisseurs who wish to provide their most beautiful bottles with a setting commensurate with their value. More than just a wine cellar, Royale is an aesthetic and technological tribute to the universe great vintages.

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Original shelves made in EuroCave

The shelves are equipped with patented “Mains du Sommelier” individual bottle holders and speed bumps. They have been designed to accommodate all types of bottles, including magnums. Your bottles are thus perfectly maintained and protected from vibrations. Integrated lighting under each of the shelves highlights your labels.

1 Royal model

11 habillages disponible
Royale range Large model
Model shown
  • Color Mineral Gray
  • Full glass door

Aging function

With its shelves each equipped with a strip in black stained ash and 4 LEDs integrated under each shelf, your wines will be perfectly highlighted. Royale is equipped with an alarm system for temperature and humidity control, but also with a safety thermostat to better protect your wines. Because it is unique, each copy of Royale is numbered. This model comes from the Royale range of EuroCave.

10 year warranty
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An exclusive and tailor-made configuration for exceptional vintages

Royale offers you 11 skins, from silver oak to light schist and Palazio marble.

It allows you to script:
Up to 122 traditional Bordeaux type bottles and 2 magnums
or up to 86 traditional Bordeaux type bottles and 20 magnums
or up to 16 traditional Bordeaux type bottles and 50 magnums

The advantages of the Royale range

Unprecedented and singular, its silhouette is underlined by a double frame which gives it charisma and a majestic stature. Its back, design and aesthetics, allows it to be positioned anywhere, even in the center of a room. Its door is fully glazed and has an integrated lock.

The Red Dot Design Award 2018 was awarded to the Royale EUROCAVE wine cellar: the consecration of a very high quality design.

Your customised ageing cellar

For any wine enthusiast, having a customised cellar is the best. But it sometimes seems like an inaccessible or complex dream. That dream can become a reality with EUROCAVE designers, engineers, experts, artisans, and manufacturers. Thanks to their talent and expertise in creating customised solutions from 2m2 and 200 bottles up, you will find the ideal showcase for your exceptional vintages.
From 2 m3 to 50 m3
From 200 bottles