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An exclusive concept of modular solid oak storage units.

Thanks to the Modulotheque range, storing your wines efficiently and aesthetically becomes child's play. This concept allows you to build up a personalised wine library that revolves around your needs and desires. Modulotheque is almost made-to-measure and adapts perfectly to the constraints of the room to be fitted out, whether it is a cellar, loft, corner of a room, garage, etc., and its configuration possibilities are limitless.

Configure your cellar
  • French manufacturing. Based inChatenois en Alsace, our partner, an expert in woodworking since 1975, manufactures our Modulotheque components. Their mastery of wood technologies guarantees total and constant manufacturing quality.
  • An original and innovative concept based on the assembly of different modules.
  • The EUROCAVE Modulotheque is available in 20mm oak, a noble and strong wood with an unrivalled charm that provides a timelessly elegant setting to present your wines.

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Customisation close to made-to-measure

A choice of 15 modules that are easy to combine and can be dismantled if you wish to transport them or change the configuration of your Modulotheque. The width, height, and storage capacity vary according to the number of modules installed and the shelves chosen.

Your customised

For any wine enthusiast, having a customised cellar is the best. But it sometimes seems like an inaccessible or complex dream. That dream can become a reality with EUROCAVE designers, engineers, experts, artisans, and manufacturers. Thanks to their talent and expertise in creating customised solutions from 2m2 and 200 bottles up, you will find the ideal showcase for your exceptional vintages.
From 2 m3 to 50 m3
From 200 bottles