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Contemporary storage with limitless customisation

With pure, discreet, and fine lines, Modulosteel showcases your vintages more than any other storage unit. A contemporary steel case that underlines the beautiful choreography of the vintages while offering solidity, stability, and extreme modularity. This solution offers three storage options: Classic wine storage, presentation—to showcase your wines and labels—and the wine case option to leave the bottles in their original packaging. It's up to you to take the stage!

Configure your cellar
  • Modulosteel can be assembled endlessly thanks to its modules, which connect easily to one another.
  • Three fastening systems guarantee the unit's absolute stability, whatever the configuration.
  • Because Modulosteel can be adjusted to half height, it can also be adapted to vaulted cellars or low ceilings.
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Shelving, by EuroCave

Discover our different options to optimise your storage space and create a cosy space for your wines.
Option 1 : A set of 6 ACMS sliding shelves Increase your storage capacity by 72 bottles
Material: Black water-repellent MDF melamine panels
Option 2 : A sliding shelf designed for your wine cases Designed to be mounted on the 520mm wide structure.
Maximum number of trays 7. (Wooden case, not included)
Material: Black water-repellent MDF melamine panel + steal mount
Option 3 : A finishing top plate Simply mounts on top of the column.
Can be used on the structure at maximum or mid-height.
Available for both module widths 520 or 720mm.
Material: Black water-repellent MDF melamine panel

Configurations to suit your vintages

Storage a capacity of 85 to 136 bottles along 17 rows.
Presentation a capacity of 40 to 64 inclined bottles along eight rows.
Wine cases Up to seven sliding shelves can be integrated to store your bottles in their original wine cases

The advantages of Modulosteel

  • Several finishes are available to optimise your storage space and give it a warmer look with wooden boxes or a wooden top.
  • The epoxy steel structure will allow you to quickly locate your precious bottles by writing their reference with the white erasable EUROCAVE marker.
  • Modulosteel shelves also house the individual patented holder called “Main du Sommelier”, a non-slip bi-material shell that can hold any type of bottle.

Your customised cellar

For any wine enthusiast, having a customised cellar is the best. But it sometimes seems like an inaccessible or complex dream. It's no longer just a dream thanks to EUROCAVE’s 3D softwarethat lets our specialists configure the layout of your room. You will be able to have a very realistic rendering to see yourself in the final layout of your wine cellar.
From 2 m3 to 50 m3
From 200 bottles