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Vov 8.0

Wine-by-the-glass dispenser with EUROCAVE dosage : The professionals’ choice

Wine-by-the-glass is in keeping with the times and is an ideal response to new ways of drinking wine. It makes it possible to present a wide range of wines and serve them at the ideal temperature! Our three solutions for serving wine by the glass preserve opened bottles thanks to an automated vacuum packing system without altering their organoleptic qualities for between 10 and 21 days, depending on the type and vintage. Your guests have a wide range of wines to choose from; whether your bottles are corked or preserved from oxidation, serving wine by the glass maintains the ideal temperature and combines more than ever attractiveness and... profitability. Its sleek, ergonomic design fits perfectly into any environment, and its innovative character is a magnet for your customers.

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  • Single touchscreen: settings, tutorials, and statistics
  • Service control: Three independently adjustable volumes per tap.
  • Visibility of the remaining volume per bottle on the screen
  • Visual alert when a bottle is empty
  • Automated, simultaneous cleaning of all eight taps

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The advantages of the wine-by-the-glass dispenser with dosage

  • Quick-lock bottle placement system developed by EUROCAVE: In less than 10 seconds, the bottle is in use and can be kept open!
  • Precise dosage without splashing
  • One glass holder per compartment to serve several glasses simultaneously.
  • Adjustable height to fit different glass sizes
  • Nitrogen-storage of eight open bottles for three weeks
  • Can be adapted to a self-service operation.
  • Possible connection with your cash register for a follow-up of your billing