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Hospitality professionals

EUROCAVE SWITZERLAND, the exclusive EUROCAVE distributor for French- and German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, is available for hospitality professionals. Whether you are a cafe, hotel, or restaurant owner, we can imagine and create the most suitable solution for your wine storage, conservation, and presentation. Our solutions combine aesthetics and quality to showcase your offer and attract customers. Thanks to EUROCAVE’s expertise, wine is now emerging from the shadows to become one of the company's spearheads of success and brand image.

We are professionals; the best guarantee is experience:
c’est l’expérience :

40 years of experience EUROCAVE has been installing solutions in the finest restaurants and hotels since 1976
Our sommelier partners participate in the development of our solutions
a global network of experts in over 70 countries.
300,000 customers worldwide and over
30,000,000 bottles stored
Label France Our wine cellars and solutions for serving wine by the glass are designed and manufactured in France.

Our professional products

These ranges can be viewed at EUROCAVE Switzerland, the exclusive EUROCAVE distributor, in one of our three showrooms

Your customised cellar

Customised cellars are compatible with any hospitality space thanks to EUROCAVE designers, engineers, experts, artisans, and manufacturers. Their talent and expertise in creating customised solutions from 2m3 and 200 bottles and more will be the ideal showcase for your wine offering.
From 2 m3 to 50 m3
From 200 bottles