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Wine racks

They are much more than accessories!

In a EUROCAVE wine cellar, thinking about storage means thinking about modularity, freedom, and choice of materials. Beyond storing bottles and classifying wines and vintages, organising a cellar also requires imagination and ingenuity. EUROCAVE solutions are unlimited and scalable. From solid wood and volcanic ash stone to steel, they combine aesthetics, sturdiness, easy bottle access, and customisation options. Because a cellar is much more than just a storage space. It is also a reflection of your passion for wine.

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Did you say storage?

Behind this generic term, EUROCAVE wine cabinets and cellars contain numerous indispensable accessories for your wines to thrive and mature. From the “Main du Sommelier” to the shelves and carbon filters, everything is designed and developed to personalise and optimise your wine cellar.

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Accessories for every bottle

EUROCAVE storage solutions are exclusive and innovative, not only because of the wide range of possibilities and customisation options but also because they respond to a new reality in the wine market.

Today, the shape of the bottles has become an integral part of the marketing and identity of certain vintages and sometimes even wine regions. From the Jura to Alsace, from Champagne to Burgundy, via Bordeaux and, of course, the growing range of international wines, each bottle has its own silhouette. This parameter influences wine storage. EUROCAVE solutions can be adapted to all types of bottles, allowing for optimised storage—staggered, single or double depth, storage in original cases, etc.—and easy access to your wines.

EuroCave Switzerland, expert advice near you

Choosing accessories and storage for a wine cellar, whether for serving or ageing, can seem complex. Thanks to the numerous EUROCAVE references, you’ll find what you need. And when you visit one of the three EUROCAVE Switzerland showrooms, you'll get more than just answers: You'll get people who understand what you need. People who have mastered the brand’s quintessence, the characteristics of each wine cabinet, and all the storage options to meet your expectations. To store your wines safely, whether in a natural cellar or a converted room, EUROCAVE Switzerland offers you the ideal solution.