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The art of storing and showcasing your wine cases

Wines bought in their original cases have everything to gain by staying there. But their storage, mostly vertical due to lack of space, makes handling the bottles tedious and even dangerous. The EUROCAVE Modulorack is a unique system to store your wines directly in their original cases. We recommend a maximum of three heights. Create the storage wall that suits you and change it over time as you acquire great vintages!

Configure your cellar
  • Based on the principle of the sliding wine cellar shelves, Modulorack is equipped with a system of trays to simplify access to your bottles.
  • Modulorack is designed to support two 12-bottle cases, which add their invaluable authentic wooden touch to your wine showcase.
  • Thanks to the combination of wood and metal (steel), the Modulorack’s design is both modern and authentic.You can create original storage spaces for wines and their original cases and bring unrivalled cachet to your space.

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The advantages of Modulorack

  • Modulorack units are very easy to assemble; the modules can be connected along the height and length. Thanks to this modular and clever storage system, several Moduloracks increase your bottle storage capacity.
  • Secured to the floor and wall at the 2nd level, they form a solid and practical storage system.
  • They are so easy to assemble that it takes no more than 10 minutes to assemble a Modulorack.

Your customised

For any wine enthusiast, having a customised cellar is the best. But it sometimes seems like an inaccessible or complex dream. It's no longer just a dream thanks to EUROCAVE’s 3D softwarethat lets our specialists configure the layout of your room. You will be able to have a very realistic rendering to see yourself in the final layout of your wine cellar.
From 2 m3 to 50 m3
From 200 bottles