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Reveal the beauty of your fine wines
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wine cabinets

With EuroCave Switzerland,
every wine cabinet is a masterpiece

Whatever its size and the environment in which it is to be installed, it must be equal to the challenge: Combine excellence and character to reveal the beauty of the bottles and preserve the fascinating history of each vintage.
Offer constant, regulated temperature that ensures proper ageing of the wine
Eliminate vibrations and offer the serenity necessary for the ageing of wines
Preserve the wine thanks to a stable and adapted hygrometry
Protecting wine from light
Allowing for continuous fresh air

Which wine cabinet to choose?

We guide you through a selection aid to discover the most appropriate wine cellar for your needs.

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EuroCave Switzerland

Pioneering wine preservation and presentation

EuroCave is the inventor and undisputed world expert in wine conservation and presentation since 1976. EuroCave enhances your great vintages and ageing wines until the moment they are revealed... under the spotlight.
  • Ageing cabinets
  • Tasting cabinets and wine bars
  • Custom-made wine cellars
  • Wine cellars for professionals
  • Service cellars, display and wine cabinets
  • Bottle racks
  • Wine cellar conditioners

From cellar to glass

From cellar to glass, a wine’s spirit is embodied in vintages and aromas that take time to develop. Ageing cellars preserve ageing wines so that they may uphold their promise. As the brand’s exclusive distributor, EUROCAVE Switzerland is their new ambassador, ensuring they have everything they need to shine when it's their turn in the limelight.

Each customer has their own wine cellar solution

But, from the aging cellar to the presentation cabinet, from the tailor-made wine cellar to the wine bar by the glass, each client, professional or private, is as unique as their tasting cellar or their wine showcase. . His choice of crus, terroirs, origins, grape varieties, are milestones for understanding him and getting to know him. A wine cellar is a setting. Regardless of its size and the environment in which it will take place, it must live up to the challenge: to combine the beautiful and the good, to magnify the bottles and preserve the beautiful story of each vintage.

Exclusive distributor and guarantor of EuroCave expertise in Switzerland

A leader in the storage and presentation of wines for more than 40 years, EuroCave Swiss offers all the solutions in terms of aging cellars and wine presentation. Thanks to its expertise and ability to listen, EuroCave offers an exclusive approach to each problem in Switzerland. Its range of products guarantees optimal aging of the wines coupled with a guarantee of perfect preservation of the bottles, whether they are wines for laying down, great vintages or simply bottles to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Its know-how combined with an expert eye allows it to design a custom-made wine cellar or a tasting cellar, to offer customizable wine storage in wood, metal or stone, to optimize a space with its wide range cellars and wine cabinets or to meet the demands of professionals thanks to its service cellars and wine display cases, all enhanced by a contemporary aesthetic and respecting deadlines and advertised prices.

Meet EuroCave Switzerland

So, if you want to entrust your wines for laying down, your aging cellar, your exceptional wines, your vinotheque, your wine bar to expert hands passionate about the spirit of wine, choose EuroCave Swiss. Come and discover our showroom in Gland, a few kilometers from Geneva and share with us the passion for wine.
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