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Customised wine cellar

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, your dreams of a customised cellar are all unique.
Like the spaces you imagine placing your future wine showcase in, whether you have vintages that you want to taste in ideal conditions or bottles you want to put under the spotlight. Whether it is an integral part of your interior design or venue, captivating all eyes or hiding from curious eyes and light, they are reserved for a privileged few.

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The ideal customised cellar is...

… above all personal. That's why our teams of designers, engineers, experts, artisans, and manufacturers share their talent and expertise with you.

From understanding what you want, to designing, producing, assembling, and installing the end product, they work hard to make your dream of a customised cellar a reality. By combining our 40 years of expertise in the world of wine cellars with our mastery of constantly evolving technologies, we offer proactive customer service and “haute couture” solutions dedicated to each space, problem, and customer. We always keep in mind that you are as unique as your dream of a customised cellar.

CAVE PREMIUM is waiting for you near Geneva, Switzerland, to show you all the EUROCAVE ranges and help you design your own customised cellar.