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Wine Bar 8.0

Vintages by the glass, an unrivalled choice

For the wine to fully express its aromas, it must be served at the right temperature. Red wines around 16°C, and white or rosé wines around 8°C. With its two separate and independently adjustable temperature compartments between 6°C and 18°C, the Wine Bar 8.0 revolutionises wine served by the glass! It keeps eight bottles at the ideal tasting temperature, either eight whites or eight reds or four whites and four reds, as well as a reserve of six bottles. It reveals the beauty of your wine selection thanks to its refined and contemporary design.

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  • Innovative solution for serving wine by the glass with two drawing heads
  • Separate temperature control via a front touchscreen with backlit buttons.
  • Conservation of opened bottles for ten days thanks to the “Activ Protect” vacuum system, patented by EUROCAVE (nitrogen-free system)
  • Solid glass doors

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The advantages of Wine Bar 8.0

  • Zero constraints! (Quick and easy handling of the bottles, no maintenance)
  • Respect for the sommelier's hand
  • Wine-by-the-glass service that ensures quality and gives each customer a great experience
  • No loss, no waste
  • An increasingly high-end offer
  • A robust product adapted to professional use